A trip to a Firefly Handmade Marketplace leads you to the intersection of craft, local and small batch, where every artisan has a story, and each item has an authenticity and soul.

Our pop-up markets draw a loyal following of vendors and customers who are passionate about the handmade movement, and who have made it the largest and premier "handmade only" market in Boulder and the Front Range.




Founded in 2010, Firefly Handmade Markets supports and celebrates a return to the values of artisan craft. The luxury of simplicity, evidence of a human hand at work, and the artful imperfections found in the handmade movement are antidotes to a commoditized world.

As a curated market, Firefly is constantly re-inventing itself, not only by introducing new and exciting artisans who embody the qualities we promote, but also through our selection of new venues and the creation of new experiences.


This is what our customer expects and what a Firefly does, constantly surprising, never predictable, but always incredible.