Firefly Handmade Fall Market Artisan Profile - Urban Baby Co.

Not sure if you’ll bring your tiny tots to Firefly Handmade Fall Market? Well, hopefully we can help you make up your mind cause, oh baby, we’ve got you covered! Maggie Fagundo-Harmeier will keep you and your littles smiling with her whimsically handmade line of baby clothes and accessories. Maggie’s fun and creative vision has given birth to an amazing collection of tees, onesies and pullovers that will keep not only your kids stylin’, but she had you in mind as well! We absolutely adore all her mama and me garb. Better yet, she made a line to make sure papa bear knew he was loved too! She makes all of us feel the baby love if not for our own brood, but for all the children in our life that make each day a little bit sweeter.

You’ll be able to peruse all of Urban Baby Co’s excellent gear this weekend with Firefly Handmade at the Downtown Boulder Fall Fest. In the meantime we wanted to know more about this gleeful designer and the motivation behind her designs. Read on!

Where did you come up with your company name and logo? We love the deer!

I wanted my company name to be a representation of both soft and sweet (inspiration for the deer) as well as hip and trendy.

Your clothing is amazing! What inspires your sayings and designs?

Everything from nature, big cities, conversations, and things in which I find humor!

How did you become a baby clothes designer? Did you always start out making clothing for wee ones?

Great question! I get asked this a lot. I don't have any kids right now. I've always been creative and crafty with an entrepreneur-like mindset. My mom said I used to paint rocks when I was younger and go around in my neighborhood selling them door-to-door! Funny enough, people actually bought them. I also loved Anne Geddes and her baby photos growing up. It was outside of conventional photos, yet so very sweet.

Urban Baby Co. started out with a few stencils and fabric paint. At the time, I was taking college courses in typography and design. Through trial and error, Urban Baby Co. has evolved into what it is today. I'm constantly critiquing every facet of my business, asking myself, "how can I make it better?" or "if I were a customer, what would I want to see?"

Tell us about your photo shoots! Is it hard to have the babies behave? Any funny stories to share?

I actually haven't done a photo shoot for my company yet! It’s something I’m looking forward to. Most of my pictures come from customers and bloggers I’ve collaborated with who have said they are inspired by my designs. One of my favorite stories I hear is when couples who have put their heart and soul into having a child are touched by my “Worth the Wait” design. It recognizes, in a small way, their journey.

What is your favorite collection right now and why?

My favorite collection right now is the "Loved in all States." I have a ton of customers who buy gifts for their out-of-state friends or family that want to share the love. This inspired me to create a collection that featured all 50 states. You can check it out here.

What has been the biggest challenge of starting a baby clothing line? The biggest reward?

The biggest challenge is, as my customers grow, I want to continue to put my personal touch on every gift that is sent, which is so important to what I do. It’s taking an extra moment ensuring the design is perfectly printed, the packaging is just right, responding quickly to inquiries, and more. It’s something I've been committed to doing since day one. The biggest rewards are the touching stories moms, aunts, grandparents, and best friends share with me about how a design touched them, made them giggle, or brought a sense of humor to the parents who might be nervous at first. I love that!

What advice do you have for fellow entrepreneurs?

Be patient! I worked a "day job" for 6.5 years while building my business. Enjoy what you’re doing because you will be immersed in it for a long time. Don't give up quality for a short term gain – maintain high standards.

Will you be revealing any new items at our Fall Market? Possible to get a sneak peek or a hint?

Expect a chuckle or two as I'll be bringing some new holiday designs.

How do you want customers to feel when they interact with your products?

If they smile, laugh, or cry - it makes what I do all worthwhile!

Why are you proud to be a Firefly Handmade Artisan?

I love supporting and being in the handmade community! They are a fun and close-knit creative bunch. Firefly gives us artisans an opportunity to sell our products to people who appreciate quality and want to shop local.

You can find Urban Baby Co. at Firefly Handmade Fall Market part of the Downtown Boulder Fall Fest this weekend - Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17. In the meantime you can connect with this fun kid's line here:

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