Firefly Handmade Fall Market Artisan Profile - JayBird Body Shop

Sarah Murphy of JayBird Body Shop believes that natural doesn’t mean compromise. As organic produce and GMO-free food becomes part of the mainstream, Sarah noticed the same attention wasn’t being given to our largest organ: our skin! She made the discovery when trying to purchase gifts for her family over the holidays. While there are a variety of organic skincare products on the market, they didn’t have the same floral or fresh notes as their commercial counterparts. Her frustration became our greatest gift as the the lack of choices gave birth to her brilliant line of skincare. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer and decided to build her own.

Sarah’s charcoal bentonite soap has been carefully balanced to help those us of with acne. JayBird’s buttermilk oatmeal bath is crafted using a list of ingredients we can actually pronounce and better yet, it’s packaged in a reusable glass jar! Ms. Murphy puts so much thought into how her goods are purchased, used and then discarded that even the labels are biodegradable. A pioneer in her field, we know this is the just the start in the world of skincare organics. We had the opportunity to catch up with this ingenue and wanted to learn more about her process and all her divinely scented goods.

Why/how did you begin your handmade journey?

The journey into natural bath and body began as a Christmas gift craft experiment. When Holiday season came around I always struggled to find things for the people in my life that already had everything. I eventually turned to bath and body products as the perfect gift. They are an opportunity to tell someone that they deserve to be pampered and give them a way to do it!

Bath products are a gift that can be used and enjoyed. They won’t collect dust, clutter up a corner, or be forgotten in the back of a closet. The more time that I spent looking into bath and body products the more I realized that there are some very questionable ingredients and processes out there. To me, the things that we put on our bodies are as important as what we put in them. I wanted to make sure that my bathroom routine was as clean as the kitchen!

When shopping for natural products I had a hard time finding what I was looking for without crossing the line into a little too earthy for my own tastes. I wanted an experience that was still fresh feeling. So, what was the easiest way for me to make sure my cabinet was full of high quality organic products... that I still truly enjoyed? To make them myself! I began giving away my surplus experiments to family and friends. Soon enough the people in my life were hooked on the bath and body goodness and wanting more! JayBird Body Shop was born.

How has your product line developed over time?

My first batches of Holiday gifts were made in the living room using melt and pour soap bases, fragrance oils, and food coloring from the grocery store. I spent several years playing around with products and techniques for fun. I learned and experimented with many processes to find out which ones worked for me best and why. I realized that I would not be truly satisfied until I was making products starting only with the raw supplies from reputable suppliers. Today, we carefully craft our recipes from scratch. No fillers here. Every component of each recipe has been selected for a purpose.

What materials do you work with & why?

Paramount to our recipes are organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. No artificial fragrances or dyes. No palm oil. If it’s harsh on your skin or harsh to the Earth we don’t want it! Our packaging is minimal and utilizes glass and recycled materials. Our beautiful jars aren’t tainted with adhesives and excessive labeling because we want you to reuse them.

What inspires your work?

Pampering yourself shouldn’t have to come at a cost to you or the environment. Be kind to the Earth. Be Kind to yourself. And love the skin you’re in!

What excites you for the future?

The quest for knowledge is never ending! I am continually learning new things about my industry and am excited to keep sharing what I learn with the people that love my products, and the people that don’t know us yet!

Any advice for makers and biz entrepreneurs new to our creative community?

It will never be easy, but it will always be rewarding.

Why are you proud to be a Firefly Handmade Artisan?

As a maker, I am very excited to be part of a community that supports and celebrates small business and handmade goods, and in what better location than beautiful Boulder, Colorado!

JayBird Body Shop joins Firefly Handmade at the Downtown Boulder Fall Fest! Don't miss the fun and festivities on the infamous Pearl Street Mall, Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17! In the meantime you can connect with JayBird here:

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