Annie Decamp Art and Her Encaustic Painting Join Firefly Handmade Summer Market

Firefly is thrilled to welcome new artisan, Annie Decamp, to our Summer Market, August 24 and 25. With Annie Decamp Art, Annie looks forward to highlighting encaustic painting--a technique used in ancient Egyptian mummy portraits--in addition to other multimedia techniques. Annie is particularly inspired by the human story of the late 19th century migration in and across the United States. Stop by Annie’s booth and experience for yourself the earthy, tactile form of encaustic painting and how it brings a sense of warmth and accessibility to her subjects. Read on about Annie’s journey as an artist below:

Have you always been an artisan? How did your handmade journey begin?

I began painting in 2001. Shortly after, I also started designing and making jewelry using the lost wax practice. In 2015 I picked up painting again and wanted to work in encaustic. My early work focused on encaustic portraits of Native Americans. While traveling I started working in digital art and shortly after I merged the mediums and began focusing on mixed media, always staying true to the encaustic process. I believe encaustic lends itself well to the human subject due to the layered, warm effect it brings to my work.

What’s your inspiration, your mission?

People and history inspire my work. I am interested in the human story worldwide, but do like to focus on migration of people in and across the United States, particularly in the late 19th century. I have come to realize, I love to tell stories to help people relate more to their historical past.

My work explores cultures through portraiture - the underlying theme being how we tell our story through style, body language, or even the scars and imperfections that illicit the strength of survival and adaptation. Fulfilling a curiosity around history, culture, and civilizations pushes my work. Portraying how humans undergo struggle and adapt to maintain their origins and belief systems satisfies my need for connection and understanding.

What lead you to the work you do today?

As a child I was always creative and took many art classes but really loved batik which was popular in my time. I have always gravitated to working with wax in some way. Now I stay true to encaustic. Encaustic is an ancient form of painting that blends beeswax with resin as a hardening agent and pigment. In ancient Egyptian times, encaustic was used to paint sarcophagi. I love the ancient aspect of it and that natural ingredients such as beeswax and resin are utilized. People seem to relate to the warm character in brings to my subjects along with the layering of my work.

What lessons have you learned along the way?

To be true to your instincts, especially in art. Art tells the story of our truth and simultaneously helps us discover it.

What do you like about being a Firefly Handmade artisan?

The opportunity to connect with people who love the arts and handmade goods by people who build careers out of creating meaningful products.

Visit and shop with Annie Decamp Art at Firefly Handmade Summer Market, August 24 & 25, on Historic South Gaylord Street, Washington Park, Denver.

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