Small Footprint, Incredible Art: Basin Reclaimed Returns

Basin Reclaimed is returning to Firefly Handmade for our Summer Market and we’re thrilled to welcome them back! Molly and Jesse of this Vermont based collaborative strive to push the boundaries of reuse and sustainability through their vibrant, dimensional, and interactive artisan goods. Their love of exploring and enjoying all that nature has to offer inspires their creativity. Basin Reclaimed original artwork is made from repurposed, one of a kind materials and represents all that is good in the maker community. Keep reading as Molly and Jesse share how reuse, sustainability and creativity is in their roots:

How did your handmade journey begin?

From a young age we have both been very creative and hands-on in what we do. Not knowing it at the time, we were both very engaged in art classes, painting, drawing, working with clay and other materials. Doing the same in our own time growing up, building forts in the woods, painting, and generally being creative. Both of us have parents that work in the trades and we had exposure to this creative process early in life--this process where you can make or create something from raw materials and then step back and enjoy it. Reflecting on this question it seems our interest in creating art is more about our experiences and interests than a specific moment in time. We both love to create things and collaboratively we are able to maximize our creative abilities.

Was it a big decision to work as partners?

We wanted to be in control of our daily routines and design a lifestyle that corresponds with our values. We recognize how easy it is to lead a disposable lifestyle and wanted to creatively inspire others to start the conversation about reuse and sustainability.

We were both trying to make a go of it on our own, then we stumbled into each other at a local chili festival. We began to discuss our ideas and our passions to create from the old. We had a common interest; use found objects and wasted materials to bring people back to nature. There was an instant realization that we had to combine our talents and work together.

What inspires your work and the materials you use?

We strive to represent what nature and the outdoors has to offer. For us it’s not just about being active but also about the beauty, simplicity and calmness that we can enjoy. Vermont embodies these characteristics and is a wonderful place to hike, bike, ski, paddle, etc; this is what inspires us most.

The materials we use also lead to our line of goods. We have this passion for old objects and materials and we strive to bring them back to life. We work with Vermont barn wood, roofing slate, airstream aluminum among other materials. We work with these materials because they are incredible; they tell a story. They have notches, tiny worm holes, cracks, and weathering that can only be created from decades of being in the elements. Each tiny fragment of material on its own is a one of a kind work of art. Our product line continues to develop as we work with the materials more and push the boundaries of what we can do with them.

When repurposing materials, you feel a powerful connection to the work you are making. We take inspiration from nature and take pride in the message we are trying to spread. When others become excited and truly engage in our work and express their interest this also inspires us to keep going.

How do you want your audience to feel when they interact with your art?

We would love people to interact with the work and feel that they are a part of something much larger than themselves. Have the work transport them to a beautiful place in nature, or a place that resonates with them. We want them to feel that connection to nature, have that appreciation for the raw materials that they are made from and have the work be the vehicle for starting the conversation about reuse and sustainability.

Meet and shop with Molly and Jesse and Basin Reclaimed at our Summer Market, August 24 & 25, on Historic South Gaylord Street, Wash Park, Denver.

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