Meet the Maker: Rebecca of Avec La Vie

Rebecca's desire to connect and offer opportunities to others is driving - and, her art is forever evolving. What you see now won't be what you see in the future. What started as a business venture has become a spirited conquest to connect and create space for visualization, aspirations, and dreams to occur.

Let's start at the beginning. When did you discover a passion for creating your beautiful decks?

By 2014, I had spent the better part of a decade working in the healthcare industry as a registered nurse. In the beginning I worked in pediatrics and quickly began teaching nursing students. As the years progressed I began dabbling in administration. By 2012, I had started a complex care management company supporting patients and families with significant medical issues. And, just prior to becoming a full-time creative, I was the Director of Quality, Compliance & Education for a hospice agency.

After having worked in such diverse settings with numerous individuals and families, witnessing first-hand the ramifications of the unfortunate outcome of neglecting our life's work, I decided that I wanted to create something inspirational. I wanted to offer a simple way for individuals to find their truth, nourish their heart, and love themselves. As it happens, many of my patients shared that they found nature healing. As a way to connect and create a neutral platform to share the lessons I had been gifted over the past ten years, I decided to create a deck of inspirational cards using animals as metaphors to explore the many complicated facets of our humanness.

How did you come up with your name?

I am a nurse and a social worker. I have learned to believe, through study and real-life experiences, that there are any number of ways for us to find connection and meaning in our lives. Cognizant and sensitive to the spiritual traditions of our native communities, I chose to re-name this new deck, changing it from "Animal Spirits" to "Fauna Inspiration", as a way to differentiate my intentions. Having traveled with individuals and families as they managed sadness, trauma, and grief – I wanted my inspiration cards to offer a neutral platform for contemplation and illumination.

What is your process for creating each deck?

During the creation of the “Fauna Inspiration” deck I collaborated with a friend and colleague, Phoebe Hunt. She lives in Portland, Maine. After providing her my list of animals, she drew each animal using pen and ink on paper. She then scanned her drawings and emailed each one to me. Simultaneously I painted. I created over 70 watercolors. Using her art and my watercolors, I crafted each card. After creating each Fauna image, I re-visited each animal message. Drawing mainly from their taxonomy, I identify – what I considered to be their most unique characteristic. For example, I chose tenacity for the Chickadee. Based on their meaningful word, I wrote a message designed to inspire contemplation through metaphor hoping to help individuals arrive at illumination.

What is your animal spirit?

The Raven

What is your favorite thing about your workspace?

I love that I get to work from home. I have multiple work "stations" throughout my house that enable me to use different tools to create. I have a computer workstation, a writing nook, and an art space for painting, drawing, and mixed media art. In any given day I design on my computer or laptop, paint on canvas, draw on paper, craft 3-dimensional art, or write for inspiration.

What characteristic do you admire most in other makers?

Their passion, tenacity, and determination. I love working with visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They inspire me! People inspire me!

Meet Rebecca and see her beautifully inspiring decks at our Holiday Market, Nov. 17 +18! Her creations make for a unique and treasured gift.

Learn more about Avec La Vie here:

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