Meet the Makers: Molly and Jesse of Basin Reclaimed

This Vermont based collaborative strives to push the boundaries of reuse and sustainability through their vibrant, dimensional, and interactive product line. Their love of exploring, being outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer inspires their creativity.

Let's start at the beginning. When did you discover you wanted to make art with your hands?

From a young age we have both been very creative and hands-on in what we do. Not knowing it at the time, we were both very engaged in art classes, painting, drawing, working with clay and other materials. Doing the same in our own time growing up, building forts in the woods, painting, and generally being creative. Both of us have parents that work in the trades and we had exposure to this creative process early in life--this process where you can make or create something from raw materials and then step back and enjoy it. Reflecting on this questions it seems our interest in creating art is more about our experiences and interests than a specific moment in time. We both love to create things and collaboratively we are able to maximize our creative abilities.

Your work highlights your love of the outdoors. Can you tell us what regions inspire your art and also provides the material you work with?

We strive to represent what nature and the outdoors has to offer. For us its not just about being active but also about the beauty, simplicity and calmness that we can enjoy. Vermont embodies these characteristics and is a wonderful place to hike, bike, ski, paddle, etc; this is what inspires us most. We also travel and enjoy other areas of the country and world that have magnificent natural beauty and share these traits. These experiences also influence our work. As Vermont inspires us, we also source most of the materials from the same place. We use a variety of repurposed wood, a large majority consists of barn board from deconstruction projects, auctions or referrals from friends. Another material we use a lot of is repurposed roofing slate which is a common roofing material in Vermont. We have great success using this material to portray dimensional mountain scenes.

Have you ever made a piece that you refused to part with?

There have been a few pieces of art along the way that have been difficult to part with. Whether it's a certain piece of wood that had loads of character, or a color scheme that works in a new dynamic way.

Each piece is always different and unique in its own way. This keeps things exciting. When a piece comes out in a manner that really speaks to us, they are far harder to part with. But almost always these pieces speak to others in a similar manner and are deserving of the people who choose to buy them.

What is your favorite thing about your workspace?

Our favorite thing about our workspace is that we have the tools, physical space and heat in the winter to be able to create the products we are passionate about making.

We’ve created a great work flow that maximizes our abilities and we are excited to refine the space so we can incorporate more people and more creativity under one roof. It is our goal and intention to add more artists and creative minds to our process as we move forward.

What characteristic do you admire most in other makers?

What I admire most in other makers is the creativity and passion that surrounds them and their work. People are continually pushing the envelope and creating new and exciting work that is relevant and useful. It's a space of driven and hard working people who are following their passions, which is both inspiring to see and wonderful to be a part of. Seeing others who are incorporating sustainability into their practices and over all message, also really speaks to us as its an important part of our future.

Say hello to Molly and Jesse at our Firefly Handmade Fall Market, Sept. 14, 15, & 16 at the the 31st Annual Downtown Boulder Fall Fest on the world famous Pearl Street Mall! To see more, visit:

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