Meet the Makers: Jordan and Anna of Whole Body Apothecary

This dynamic couple believe the human body is amazingly resilient when given proper tools & nutrition. Their product development combines current understandings of the human physiology and traditional Ayurvedic practices. They believe almost all complications are rooted in some level of inflammation, nutritional deficiency, toxicity &/or poor sleeping habits. Whole Body Apothecary has developed NO BS formulas that provide functional & fundamentally healthful value without introducing toxins to the body or environment. This is something we can fully support and we were able to delve a bit deeper into how this dream came to fruition.

Who is Whole Body Apothecary? Can you tell us about your journey?

Whole Body Apothecary is a research, development and retail brand dedicated to formulating products that strengthen the foundational mechanisms by which the body takes care of itself. With so many different schools of thought about optimizing health, it’s difficult for a consumer of information to know what’s what. We believe it’s extremely important to focus on fundamentals of whole body health that mitigate imbalance and disruption first. We follow the rapidly evolving medical research relating to the whole-body methodology and develop organic applications that bridge traditional approaches with modern knowledge.

This concept was born after diving down rabbit holes of crazy corruption in the pharmaceutical, food and supplement industries. We were fascinated by the level of misinformation and disinformation circulating. We started writing simple formulas that served nutritional and functional value without any additional jazz. It was amazing what we accomplished very early by obeying simple principals of biology and chemistry.

After developing a few products, we left our jobs and moved back to our parents’ house to get this company off the ground. Through the years, we added more product, expanded our knowledge, became respected in multiple integrative medical networks and made some invaluable partnerships. We opened our first brick and mortar in 2016 in Colorado Springs. This was the real turning point in our brand.

You can now find our products in over 50 specialty health food stores and integrative medicine practices across the country. We continue to improve our formulas, solidify our supply chain and reduce our environmental impact. Things are progressing nicely.

We see more and more people turning to natural body care. Can you tell us about tinctures and why this is an important product in whole body health?

Tinctures are one of our favorite ways to prepare herbal blends. You can think of a tincture as a super concentrated tea that requires no brewing. Tinctures also have some benefit over traditional tea preparations due to their low heat and long extraction process. Tinctures are also a much easier way for a lot of people to get the benefit from herbs because they require no prep time or equipment.

Another great benefit to tinctures are their superior bio-availibitly. When you take an herbal capsule, your body must pull compounds into solution before being absorbed. If done correctly, a tincture is better absorbed because the compounds are extracted into solution already.

Tell us about your workshop, so we can have a visual of how the magic happens.

Our lab is a part of the shopping experience at Whole Body Apothecary. We have 1400 sqft of awesomeness that all customers can see when they walk into our brick and mortar in Colorado Springs. This adds an additional level of transparency in our company and is always an area of interest for our customers. We use simple but efficient equipment that allows us to produce enough product to fulfill all in-store, online and wholesale orders in a small space. We keep things incredibly clean. Our stainless table tops and equipment is cleaned everyday and polished once a week.

You use all natural ingredients. Does your team collect ingredients yourself, or do you use local farms? Can you elaborate on that process?

This was an area of much deliberation and focus. For our company, we decided the best herbs and ingredients will come from the farmers that grow herbs in their native climates. We also require all herbs and oils to come with an organic certification. For example, our lavender comes from a farm in France that has been growing lavender for over 100 years with completely organic methods. This level of quality is hard to beat. We acknowledge there is additional environmental impact involved with this transportation and we have taken steps to help offset the footprint of importing herbs from around the world. A portion of our revenues are donated to the National Forest Foundation each month to fund tree planting programs. We have a goal of planting 25,000 trees by 2025. We also make sure all packaging used to ship ingredients is properly recycled or reused.

What characteristic do you admire most in other makers?

We have a great deal of respect for any maker that takes passion in their work. However, I am especially drawn to makers who understand their function, value and sustainable dedications on a deeper level. While aesthetic is cool, we believe value is rooted in the products ability to deliver benefit to health, community and environment. We are most impressed and engaged when a maker has tirelessly worked to develop the best possible functional product with socially responsible operations that also impose a significantly reduced impact on the environment. We’ve been up and down that road and have a lot of respect for others putting effort into that journey.

Say hello to Jordan and Anna and their pure creations at our Firefly Handmade Summer Market, this weekend, Aug. 4 + 5, in the parking lot of the Main Library, in the heart of Downtown next to the Boulder Creek path and the newly renovated Civic Area, and two blocks from the Farmers Market!

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