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The work of Caterina Suttin Designs belongs in a jewelry class all its own. Her combination of bohemian chic and intricate design leaves us in awe of this distinctive aesthetic. The influence of a fateful trip to Mexico City can be seen in her delicate wire wrapping that closely resembles traditional filigree. To round out her pleasing collection are thoughtful combinations of gemstones that lend their metaphysical properties to the wearer, promoting health, healing and happiness. Each piece of jewelry is truly unique, never to be created exactly the same way again.

We’re so excited to have this creative designer join us with her stunning handmade jewelry at the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market! She is sure to have something for everyone.Your work looks very intricate and elaborate.

Could you please describe the technique employed? How did you learn how to do this?

Working with wire is like speaking a language. Some of my designs require a lot of planning, some of them took me years to develop. Many of my designs are pure flow and develop from the wires themselves. Techniques grow out of each other, a process is born, and through that a new series created. When I discover or learn a new technique I try to dive as deeply into the possibilities as I can and I’m constantly inspired and amazed by what is possible with wire.

Did you go to school for jewelry making or are you completely self-taught?

I am a self-taught artist. I got my start when my family was visiting Mexico City and I was inspired by the amazing wire jewelry I saw. My sister gave me my first set of jewelers pliers for my birthday and I was hooked. Along the way I have picked up techniques from books, YouTube tutorials and a handful of artist who were open to sharing with me.

How long does it take you to craft a piece?

It makes me smile every time I get asked this question because the answer varies greatly. Over the years I’ve developed techniques to improve how quickly I work. What would have taken a week I can now make much more quickly. My designs are all very different, some pieces take as little as under an hour to create, while others require several days to complete. Occasionally I will take on a project that takes much more time

How do you choose the gemstones that will be incorporated into the jewelry? Do you study the stones metaphysical properties?

Choosing gemstones is one of my favorite parts of the process. I have several stone combinations that I love and use them repeatedly in my work. I study the metaphysical properties of the stones and I’m always learning! It’s always fun to expand my collection and learn about new gems that I’ve never worked with before. Color is a big deciding factor for me and I enjoy finding just the right shade to complement or contrast with the piece I’m creating.

You've been making wire jewelry for 14 years. Were you always making art or did this profession come as a surprise?

As long as I remember I have been creating. Both my Mom and Dad are very creative and they encouraged me to work with my hands. I started with crocheting and then moved to macrame and beading as well as dabbled in many other crafts. I still love creating in those ways but wire has got me hooked, both literally and figuratively!

Could you tell us about any special projects you are working on for the holiday market?

I strive to have something for everyone so I am working hard to create a wide range of styles for the market. I have been learning other forms of metalsmithing and I’m excited to have some of these new pieces available for sale. Additionally, I have been working hard these past few months on a new series that will have its debut at Firefly Handmade Holiday Market this year.

What is your favorite gemstone right now? Why?

Larimar is my all-time favorite stone and I feature it in much of my work. It’s a beautiful sky blue stone only found in one location, a mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the Dominican Republic. It is my favorite stone for many reasons, but mostly for its cool, calming energy as well as its beautiful patterns and how rare it is.

Why are you proud to be a Firefly Handmade Holiday Artisan?

One of the things that I love about this market is that the focus is on handmade and showcasing unique pieces that you just can’t find anywhere else. I am so proud to be in such amazing company and to have the opportunity to share my passion.

Caterina Suttin Designs joins us at the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market, Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17 from 10am-5pm at the NEW Embassy Suites Hotel Boulder, 2601 Canyon Boulevard. In the meantime you can connect with Caterina here:

Etsy: @CaterinaSuttinDesign

Facebook: @caterinasuttindesigns

Instagram: @caterinasuttindesigns

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