Holiday Magic at Firefly Handmade

Firefly Handmade is back and ready to turn your holiday shopping into a magical handmade experience! Be sure to mark the calendar with our new dates: Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17 at the new Embassy Suites Hotel in Boulder. We will be one of the very first events at this beautiful hotel conveniently located on Canyon and 28th Street - right next to the REI shopping center and across the street from The Buff!

Our enthusiasm for supporting the handmade artisan community is greeted with extra fervor this holiday season as our mission seems to gain recognition. The Downtown Boulder Partnership proudly supported Shift 10 on October 10 which asks Boulderites to take a pledge of shifting 10% of their annual spend from large conglomerates to local businesses. Buying locally made and handmade wares are an excellent way to support your community and show your Boulder pride! Not to mention we are sure to have something for everyone on your list...

Looking for that perfect holiday greeting card? Kelly Angelovic Art + Illustration has you covered! This illustrator pours her creative talents into her typography and we aren’t the only ones who noticed. Her clients include reputable brands such as Papyrus and American Greetings. How lucky are we to see her original one-of-a-kind work in person? Her booth will be the perfect spot to pick up a thoughtful note for a loved one or perhaps a fun sign for yourself. Don’t we all deserve a little holiday cheer?

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for the friend who seems to have everything. Well, Two Little Fruits is happy to take on this challenge with their fun and unexpected art. Meet Bubbles the Shark! This fun coffee mug is sure to add a bit of laughter to your friend’s morning coffee which is always a great way to start the day. We’ve already put this on our wish list!

Maybe your shopping list is full of spiritual souls who are always looking to grow karmically. Believe it or not we have this covered as well with our metaphysical giant, JuneStones. June Lantz carefully curates each gemstone combination of her timeless handmade wrap bracelets. Her beautiful jewelry is sure to elevate your cherished recipient’s journey. Not to mention have them ogling over their new gift’s beauty

If you are holiday shopping this year it goes without saying that you’ll have cherished children on your list. Don’t forget to stop by Let’s Go For A Ride to pick up the perfect treasured gift for the smallest ones in your brood. The artist describes her work as an artistic adventure full of free spirit whimsy, and unexpected treasures that make your heart sing. We couldn’t agree more! These hand-crafted dolls and toys are sure to light up the faces of all the tiniest tots you know.

Perhaps your wish list includes those who like to snuggle up by the fire. We’re excited to have the talented textile craftsman, Broadwick Fibers, who leave us in awe with her handmade textiles. The rich, luxurious feel of her work will leave your family and friends feeling cherished in this gift’s wake

While every market celebrates new talent, we also have tremendous love with our artisans that have been with us for years and continue to dazzle us with their evolution. One that immediately comes to mind is 14ers Stickers and Posters. Their iconic graphics of our Colorado’s breathtaking landscape make the perfect gift for almost anyone! Blair Hamill did a great job of celebrating all the magnificent beauty our home state has to offer. A perfect present for that person on your list with constant wanderlust or a healthy enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

With so much to explore you may want to do yourself a favor and peruse our incredible lineup of artisans ahead of time! We’re delighted to bring you the best in all things handmade to make your holiday shopping a fun and exploratory experience.

Beat the holiday hustle by treating yourself to delicious handmade baked goods and libations. Enjoy the soothing melodies of our live band, Banshee Tree. And take a moment to reconnect with the spirit of the holidays which is echoed by the passion and dedicate of each of our handmade artists. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17 at the Embassy Suites Hotel Ballroom (Canyon and 28th Street)!

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