We're Thrilled to Introduce Our First Summer Market Featured Artisan, Terry Kreuzer, Who Returns

Terry Kreuzer, Artist/Craftswoman, shares her fascinating story of how she came to a lifelong love and study of art and artisan crafts, and the evolution of her work.

In Terry's words:

Growing up in a family of makers, I learned my first concept of MAKING by watching my mother create the dresses for me and my two sisters, observed her fabric selection process as well as her creative baking. Alongside my mother, my father was always busy and able to do everything with excellence from remodeling our entire house to being a self-employed sheet-metal craftsman. So my introduction to creating things began early, mimicking my folks, but formally I began seriously studying Art in seventh grade with a new teacher who painted in the classroom.

My moment of "awe-inspiring I want to be an artist" happened accompanying my father to our local taxidermist for whom he mounted elephant tusks. Witnessing a man touching up the facial details on an pronghorn antelope mount, I was fascinated with the gorgeous, vivid oil colors daubed out along the edges of a real artist's palette.

From that moment on, I became obsessed with studying Art, teaching myself to paint, having been very bored with my life up to that point. I continued to focus on Art study seriously as a precocious high school student with the intention of becoming a professional artist. Right out of high school, I chose to study in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts majoring in Drawing and Sculpture.

Introduced to fired clay sculpture in high school, it has been one of my favorite media that I focused on while at the Academy with fired terra cotta sculpture. Learning the special ceramic firing process Raku in the 1980s, I fell in love with its spontaneity and have been a devoted practitioner ever since.

As a studio artist/craftswoman since 1995, my mixed media work, Raku vessel making and mixed metals jewelry, derives from the years working for my father in his tin shop as a witness to what tools, materials and one's creativity can produce. Hence, my focus on creating work that provides an income and that people can easily appreciate, however I still produce life-size sculptures and drawing.

Having sold my work at outdoor and indoor arts & crafts festivals throughout the Front Range and the entire state of Wyoming since 2011, the travel keeps me physically fit but there are moments of uncertainty whether costs will be made back. My philosophy is to make beautiful work with a sense of good design, striving for excellence in my craftsmanship, with the belief that the sales will follow. It is a pleasure and gift to have the desire and ability to create, which I keep in the forefront of my mind and spirit daily!

My inspirations are Nature, the human body, Asian influences, all the Design elements but especially Color, Pattern, Texture & Form. I love the materials Nature and our dear Earth have created...red coral, stones, silver, copper, clay and oh so much more for us humans to utilize with care.

Visit and shop with Terry Kreuzer at Firefly Handmade Summer Market, July 15-16, 10am-4pm, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district, 29th Street (between Canyon & Walnut) Boulder, CO!



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