Virtualfunk Jewelry, Spring Market Featured Artisan, is a Fabulous Blend of Bold, Modern, Organicall

Shellie Funk, the creative force behind Virtualfunk Jewelry, shares her incredible designs and artistic philosophy "that celebrate the finding out rather than the knowing".

In Shellie's Words:

Jewelry plays a significant and very personal part in all our lives, not only as a form of adornment and personal expression, but as a symbol of love and friendship and universal connection.

Artistic expression connects people at a deep level because it prompts personal memories, emotions and associations which you share without the need for words.

We are all drawn to people and things that have echoes in our past and present lives so, when we share a resonance with the same work of jewelry art, we are subconsciously sharing an emotion, a memory, an echo creating moments that remind you of who you are and your own unique, natural beauty.

Metal is an infinitely fascinating material. It is hard and strong and yet you can soften it and form it, you can melt it and transform it, it can be smooth or textured, it can be hard gloss or soft satin. And it can be turned into any shape that your imagination can conjure, creating endless possibilities for designs which evolve and flow from one to another.

I spent most of my life in London, England. I relocated to the US in 2009 and now work out of my studio in Boulder, Colorado. Largely self-taught, I embrace traditional metalsmithing techniques, with a design style that is heavily influenced by my fascination with different world cultures.

Influences include Olde Europe with its cobbled alleyways and mélange of gorgeous tudor, gothic, rococo, art nouveau and art deco architecture. The melding of east and west in Istanbul with its minarets and 50's American cars. The voluptuous curves of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona. The fabulously ornate Buddhist temples in Bangkok. The spirit of Africa and its primitive art.

Jewelry connects us, it empowers us with its beauty which gives energy to our identity and courage to take on life’s adventures.

Check out my Facebook page for photos of my work and my show schedule –

Visit and shop with Shellie Funk and Virtualfunk at Firefly Handmade Spring Market, May 20-21, 10am-4pm, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district, Boulder, CO!


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