Behind the Scenes with Rustic Souls, Holiday Featured Artisan With an Extraordinary Jewelry Collecti

Sommer Cleveland of Rustic Souls is an eclectic personality creating eclectic one of a kind handmade bohemian luxe accessories for one of a kind people!

FF: Why did you begin your handmade journey?

RS: I deal with chronic fatigue daily due to a diagnosis of Lupus and Fibromyaglia and tried a bunch of handmade hobbies over the years to help pass time when I’m not feeling well - making jewelry stuck. I kept wanting to make bigger and better things, pushing to learn new techniques and always trying new designs. And eventually the hobby turned into a small business.

FF: What inspires your work?

RS: I get a lot of my inspiration from Art Nouveau and Ancient Roman jewelry designs. The soft and raw femininity of both periods never fail to give me design ideas. I also use favored color palettes to focus and inspire collections.

FF: What excites you for the future?

RS: Endless designs with raw and hand-cut gemstones that are so popular right now.

FF: Any advice for makers and biz entrepreneurs new to our creative community?

RS: Do what you love to do! Colorado is an awesome place to start a handmade business.

FF: If you have a strong partnership with a non-profit org, what is it and what inspired you to do this?

RS: A portion of the proceeds of the sales from my ‘Survivor’ jewelry line are donated to the Lupus Foundation of America and the National Fibromyalgia Association.

FF: Anything else you'd like to tell us?

RS: I truly have a price point for everyone. Whether you have $15 or $300 to spend, I want to make sure everyone can walk away from Rustic Souls with a handmade piece of jewelry.

Shop and visit with Sommer of Rustic Souls at Firefly Handmade Holiday Market, December 10 - 11, 10am - 4pm both days, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district , 1710 29th St., Boulder, CO.


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