Spirit Pervades Matter, Featured Holiday Market Artisan, Creates Beautifully Inspired and Inspiring

Amanda Vela, is the Visionary Artist behind Spirit Pervades Matter. She shares her story of survival, as well as her joy, hope and peaceful spirit through her exciting and moving designs.

FF: How did your handmade journey begin?

SPM: I began making art as a way to escape, sitting down and doodling intricate patterns helped comfort me in times of heartache. As a troubled teen I could not seem to overcome my struggles, the turning point was when I finally met a counselor I could open up to, an artist, she taught me how to use my gifts in drawing and painting to help to begin to heal my emotional wounds through art therapy. Over time, I learned that my wounds were not only psychological and emotional, but spiritual as well, this creative process grew into a meditation practice, as I continued to grow my relationship with a power greater than myself, my art became less and less about me, and more and more about it.

FF: What inspires you?

SPM: I am a visionary artist, my work is inspired by the worship of my Creator, by being in the presence of the love of God, by zen philosophy, prayer, yoga, scripture, nature, and the hope I have found in following Jesus.

FF: How have you and your work evolved?

SPM: My art is about a power greater than ourselves, alive and at work underneath the surface that is making all things work together for our good. My handmade journey has evolved itself as much as it has helped me evolve myself as a person over the years.


FF: Share with us your driving philosophy?

SMP: My creations show a surreal, meditative, and energetic world, and aims to convey the higher power and this goodness that I have found in order to encourage others, that they may see and feel this hope, peace, and joy as well.

My art is about a power greater than ourselves, alive and at work underneath the surface that is making all things work together for our good. My work is a large part of my time spent with God, and it expresses my belief that there is life force energy that animates and connects everything, and the philosophy that the Holy Spirit, goodness, light, and love are intricately woven in the fabric of existence and working in our lives doing more for our benefit than we could for ourselves.

FF: What excites you for the future?

SMP: I am excited to share my experience with others, how art and my relationship with God have healed me and blessed me in ways I would never have imagined or dreamed of. I am excited by the idea that through my art I can give people hope and a blessing, a moment of happiness when they see and vibe with my work. I hope that my work will spark a spiritual journey in someone who is struggling like I was, and that maybe I could help them by sharing my story.

FF: Anything else you'd like us to know?

SPM: I am an illustrator, painter, and mixed media artist. I sell original works, prints, handmade locally-sourced-reclaimed barn wood frames, and eco-friendly clothing with my art. I use recycled paper to create the original works of art, hand-alter/hand-sow clothing with my art printed on it to create my own designs, and use organic, made in the USA materials, and eco-friendly pigments.

I also emphasize sustainable practices by focusing on a made-to-order/custom order business model in order to diminish waste and eliminate overstock.10% of my profits are donated to charity, particularly Compassion International and Renew The Hope ministries.


Shop and visit with Amanda Vela of Spirit Pervades Matter at Firefly Handmade Holiday Market, December 10 - 11, 10am - 4pm both days, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district , 1710 29th St., Boulder, CO.





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