The ShutterBus, Summer Market Photo Fun Returns, and Here's How It All Began

Laura and Travis had a vision of travel and photography, so of course they decided to convert their VW bus into a photo booth and get on with business and fun!

Photo Credit: Blackbird Media

FF: How did your business and creative adventure begin?

SB: My husband and I got our own VW bus, a 1974 Westfalia Camper, just before we were married about 9 years ago. We loved that thing and roadtripped all over in it! We also are photographers and happen to love photo booths whenever we come across them. Travis came up with the idea to combine these two things into a unique business - a photo booth inside a VW bus.

Photo Credit: Drake & CO Photo+Films

FF: What was your inspiration?

SB: I explained a little about that in the background info, but basically we were just really excited about the idea of creating a business around a VW bus. We love the nostalgic charm they have, the retro and quirky appeal they bring. We loved the idea of having a beautifully restored bus not only as a design piece at an event, but also having a function - creating a memorable experience for guests and leaving them with a piece of that (a photo strip) to take home.

In general, our inspiration comes from road trips and travel, unique and beautiful imagery, experiencing the beauty of our world, the energy and light of our little boys, and love of community.

Photo Credit: Brian James Photo

FF: What excites you about the future?

SB: We're excited to be constantly learning, improving, and revising our methods to provide excellent customer service and a top-notch experience for our clients and their guests. We're expanding this year, so we can't wait to grow into the new cities and definitely learn a ton in the process. We're excited to expand our family of employees and build an amazing team. We can't wait to become even more involved in the community, using the business to give back and support causes we care about.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Caridad

FF: Any advice for makers and biz entrepreneurs new to our creative community??

SB: Building new relationships has been incredible both for our business, and for our own personal fulfillment! We have loved getting to know other entrepreneurs, clients, artists, etc and have found the community to be so collaborative and welcoming. We just love that starting this business has brought people into our lives that we would've never crossed paths with otherwise!

Have free photo fun with The ShutterBus at Firefly Handmade Summer Market, July 23-24, 10am - 4pm, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district , 1710 29th St. (between Canyon & Walnut), Boulder, CO.


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