Behind the Scenes with Tutela Handbags, Spring Market Featured Returning Artisan

Inspired by color, functional materials, and design, Christiane White of Tutela Handbags shares her creative journey.

FF: How did you begin your handmade journey?

TH: It all started when I started making clothes for my Barbie dolls at age 7...

FF: What lead you to your current line of goods?

TH: I used to be a boutique store buyer, and I was tired with the same old solid-colored handbags that I bought for the store. I knew I could make something funner.

FF: What materials do you work with & why?

TH: I work with printed fabrics and interesting vinyls. Anyone can make a plain, black bag. Why not make it something fun and unusual.

FF: Inspiration comes from where?

TH: Everywhere. There isn't anything that I notice that I don't think about how it would look as a handbag.

FF: What excites you for the future?

TH: I'm excited to see how quality, hand-crafted goods are preferred over mass produced goods.

FF: Any advice for makers and biz entrepreneurs new to our creative> community?

TH: This is such an exciting time if you are just starting out. There are so many great venues and outlets for selling your wares. There area also a lot of great communities to help too---ask questions!

Visit and shop with Tutela Handbags at Firefly Handmade Spring Market, May 21-22, 10-4, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district , 1710 29th St. (between Canyon & Walnut), Boulder, CO.


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