Soda Pop Prints, Such a Special Featured Artisan at This Weekend's Boulder Holiday Market

Soda Pop Prints loads each creation with personality, sweetness and a sense of humor. Creator and illustrator, Cheyenne Kasper, finds inspiration in everyday life, tweaked by her sense of wonder and joy!

Cheyenne's career started with photography, dreaming to be a travel photographer. But, life has it's way, and she became a graphic designer in advertising. And as so many of us understand, she still still needed and outlet for her personal ideas. And POOF, Soda Pop Prints was started!

Cheyenne combines her love of animals, travel and culture to come up with awesome designs, full of personality! You can't help love these designs.

This fun take on life landed Soda Pop Prints on's recent corgi related list...

Shop and visit with Cheyenne and Soda Pop Prints at Firefly Handmade Boulder Holiday Market, this weekend, November 21-22, 10am-5pm at Watershed School, 1661 Alpine Avenue.


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