Little Bea Studio, Pet Portraits in Felted Wool, Boulder Holiday Market Featured Artisan

Little Bea Studio began several years before creator, Angie Precourt, ever tried needle felting. Originally, it was a place for her to just create, and was never meant to be a full time job. Angie named it after her dog out of a simple love for her, never anticipating that she would eventually be creating custom pet portraits of other well-loved pets under that name.

Then, on a whim two years ago, Angie bought a ball of wool roving and two felting needles, knowing nothing about what she was about to do. She created a lumpy, odd-looking bear, and stabbed herself with the needle many times. (This is the point at which reasonable people quit, but not Angie!) She learned to sculpt and found her real work.

As a soft sculpture artist, Angie works mainly with wool and alpaca fiber, one barbed needle at a time, and more patience than ever thought possible. She's mostly drawn to naturally colored fibers, as well as those she dyes herself with tea, coffee, and flowers collected from her garden.

The material inspires a meditative creativity, and Angie is lost in her work. A lifelong love of animals, and particularly an obsession with dogs, provides for endless subjects and little monotony. One of her very favorite things about this work is having the honor to create custom felted pet portraits of beloved pets. Seeing the reaction to these portraits reminds her why she loves her work so much.

Shop and visit with Angie and Little Bea Studio at Firefly Handmade Boulder Holiday Market, November 21-22, 10am-5pm at Watershed School, 1661 Alpine Avenue.


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