Healthy and Yummy - MelT Food & Spirits, Featured Artisan at This Weekend's Boulder Holiday

Melt Food & SpiritsTM is a culinary shop created by Melissa Thomas, a professional cook and baker that takes eating healthy seriously. And yumminess is a serious mission too!

The company was founded in 2012 with a focus on creating healthy, nutritious and delicious artisan made treats. This gluten-free culinary shop is based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Almond Drop treats are an all natural, healthy and nutritious cookie baked in the true artisan way - hand formed and made with the best ingredients available. This lovely snack is individually wrapped and ready to take on your next outing. It’s also the perfect sweet treat to serve at your next dinner party. These wonderful drops are true healthy indulgence:

  • Gluten-Free, with 3 Vegan Flavors and One Paleo Flavor!

  • Zero trans-fats

  • Sweetened with dried fruits & a hint of organic blue agave

Taste and shop with MelT Food & SpiritsTM at Firefly Handmade Boulder Holiday Market, November 21-22, 10am-5pm at Watershed School, 1661 Alpine Avenue.


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