Look No Further Chocoholics, Featured Artisan Victoria's Chocolates Returns to Fort Collins AND

Victoria’s Chocolates is a husband and wife team, inspired by the potential for beauty all around us, and directed by the whimsical folly of a house-rabbit muse...oh, did we mention chocolate??!! All Victoria's Chocoates products are made in small batches in Denver, Colorado, complete with plenty of local color and flare! These products aim to be a celebration of the senses, an exceptional craft indulgence.

Victoria's Chocolates' work is an extension of their values: Made of the highest quality ethically sourced components with techniques of the greatest precision, all while promoting the artistic touch to shine through.They combine old world handmade craft and materials with modern manufacturing techniques and processes, allowing artistic vision and exploration to flourish into splendid confectionary experiences.

Their focus is solely on the most indulgent of confections, chocolates and macarons. With a holistic eye and a playful touch, Victoria's Chocolates aim to make these delights simultaneously more accessible and even more grandiose. Through taste, touch, and intrigue, they encapsulate the beauty of their world and present it to each customer as a single spectacular point of enjoyment. Over the top? Exactly.

Baker / Chocolatier, Victoria, is the steady hand that painstakingly crafts each chocolate bonbon and French macaron. With a long history of personal and professional culinary experience, formulating recipes and executing confectionary processes is not only second nature, but a truly first order delight.

Jeremy’s purpose is to ensure that each of your senses is engaged when you enjoy one of Victoria’s wonderful creations. Through precisely crafted packaging and unique seasonal flavors with complementary designs, it is an ongoing quest that no single sense be an island.

Shop and visit with Victoria's Chocolates at Firefly Handmade Fort Collins Holiday Market, November 14-15, 10am-5pm at Drake Centre, 802 W. Drake Road AND Firefly Handmade Boulder Holiday Market, November 21-22, 10am-5pm at Watershed School, 1661 Alpine Avenue.






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