Teakoe Tea & Their Yumminess Returns To Firefly Handmade Fort Collins AND Boulder Holiday Market

Beyond every Trailhead, adventure awaits! ‎Teakoe Tea‬ brings you a tribute to the great outdoors. Gathering nature’s ingredients to create unique blends, they offer Trailhead Chai to outfit your life’s journey.

Teakoe Tea is obsessed with making the best tea you'll ever taste! Their movtivation is passion for the craft, being American made, having pride in everything they do, and freeing your mind from the everyday grind - just a sip away from your peaceful retreat.

And guess what...our friends at Teakoe will be offering their seasonal Slopeside Spiced Plum Iced Tea ONLY at Firefly Handmade Holiday Markets, WOOT WOOT!

The awesome folks at Teakoe also have a pursuit with a greater purpose - they actively work to build beehives within our local communities. A portion of sales for every Teakoe Tea product sold goes to helping bees thrive.

Holiday gift sets featuring Trailhead Chai and Craft Iced Tea will be available too.

Which ‪‎Trailhead Chai‬ will you choose to heat up your senses and ignite your spirit?

Shop and visit with Teakoe Tea at Firefly Handmade Fort Collins Holiday Market, November 14-15, 10am-5pm at Drake Centre, 802 W. Drake Road AND Firefly Handmade Boulder Holiday Market, November 21-22, 10am-5pm at Watershed School, 1661 Alpine Avenue.

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