Connect with Fort Collins Holiday Market Featured Artisan, Avec La Vie

What started as a business venture has become a spirited quest to connect and create space for visions, aspirations, and dreams to occur. Rebecca, Avec La Vie's creator, shares inspiration with others. Her offerings help uplift and cherish the epic moments of life.

If you have ever wondered about Animal Spirits or how to connect with yours, check out Avec La Vie. Rebecca's art strives to embody the very essence of nature and life.

She creates simple designs infused with repose and meaning. Avec La Vie's creatures were conceived and crafted in honor of the spirits that pass and those that watch, guide, and connect us.

Shop Avec La Vie, chat with Rebecca and learn how to connect with your Animal Spirit at Firefly Handmade Fort Collins Holiday Market, November 14 & 15, 10am - 5 pm at the Drake Center, 802 W. Drake Rd.


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