Thrilled to Welcome Fort Collins Holiday Market Featured Artisan, Whole Heart Wellness!

Whole Heart Wellness makes herbal products that are organic and chemical, toxin and preservative-free.

Nourish yourself from inside and out.

Founder, Amy Timmons, was inspired to start Whole Heart Wellness because as an herbalist and nutritionist, she believes we should pay as much attention to what we put on our skin as we do to what we put into our bodies. We absorb 20% of what we put on our skin. That's why Whole Heart Wellness uses only the best ingredients in all products.

Amy also felt the need to create more products for people to choose from that are free of harmful chemicals, toxins and preservatives. Her skin is very sensitive, so she developed a skin care line that is very close to being edible – the ingredients are that good!

Amy shares, "I use herbs and ingredients that are either organic or wild-crafted by myself or other trusted herbalists. I also aim to use as many local ingredients as possible." her mission is to help you avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxins found in most personal care and beauty products.

Amy is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Herbalist, and Integrative Health Coach.

Visit and shop Whole Heart Wellness at Firefly Handmade Fort Collins Holiday Market, November 14 & 15, 10am - 5 pm at the Drake Center, 802 W. Drake Rd.


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