Fall Market Feature: Open Studios

We have invited Boulder's Open Studios to participate in our Fall Market to share information and distribute free maps and for their 20th Annual Open Studios Fall Artist Tour in October. It will feature 125 local artist who will graciously open their studios for you to visit, ask questions, see a demonstration and of course, to buy gorgeous locally produced artwork direct from the artist!

Open Studios' booth will also feature their partnership with Habitat For Artists (HFA), which is a an artist run group that explores the nature of creativity, the role of the artist in our communities and how to create dialog with a new audience. This will be an interactive experience for adults and children, and local artist Kristin FitzGerrell is looking forward to being our "artist-in-residence" for the weekend!

A temporary 6'x6' studio shed will be set up in their booth space that an artist uses as their studio for a couple days. Because of the way the temporary studio is built and where they sit, the artists time in the studio is spent engaging with the public and sharing their creative process.

WEB: http://www.openstudios.org/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/OpenArtsBoulder

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