Angie “Pants” Shireman is Ms. Yogipants, a self taught silver jewelry artist and yoga instructor from Fort Collins, CO. She has been creating silver jewelry with natural gemstones for 25 years. Her lighthearted nature and gratitude for authentic expression is highlighted in her work and earned her the nickname “Angiepants” years ago.

Designed to inspire, empower and remember, Ms. Yogipants jewelry celebrates both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments of our lives.

Angie’s jewelry is inspired by yoga, poetry, song lyrics, family and nature, often highlighting her infinite love for the sea. She travels often and constantly searches the globe for components, gemstones, textures, and experiences to be the spark of new jewelry ideas. One of Angie’s favorite things to do is gather textures from seashells, docks in Belize, apple trees from her childhood home in NY, and other found objects to incorporate into her designs. Life is a scavenger hunt, and there is always something new to be found.

Believing in the healing power of words, quotes, memories and experiences, Angie’s jewelry often reflects these elements. Any piece can be highly customized. The possibilities are limitless and custom orders are encouraged. Angie often creates one of a kind pieces featuring names, dates and fingerprints. Even handwriting from a loved one can be etched in silver. Each and every piece of Ms. Yogipants jewelry is handcrafted by Angie and is offered from her heart to yours to be cherished for the years to come.

See the full Ms. Yogipants collection at Firefly Handmade Fall Market, September 12-13, 10am-4pm, at Twenty Ninth Street shopping district, Boulder!






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