Fall Market Featured Artisan, True Bliss Living's, Kylie Mikuta, uses unique approaches to health, wellness, and lifestyle, and creates handmade products to help you live a truly blissful life.

Kylie, through True Bliss Living, is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Meditation Teacher, and Level II Trained Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy Practitioner. Using unique approaches to health, wellness, and lifestyle she coaches her clients to help them live their true bliss.

True Bliss Living offers journals, lotus flower shaped mediation cushions, mala jewelry (uniquely pre-designed and/or custom made), and aromatherapy defuser mala bracelets. These malas are designed, created, and handmade infused with vibrational frequency of Kundalini Yoga mantras. These mala jewelry pieces are truly unique, special and carry spiritual energy unlike other malas on the market. True Bliss Living Malas are to be worn daily for mediation, devotion, intention and inspiration.

WEB: www.TrueBlissLiving.com

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